biostratigraphic program design and management • interpretation and integration

Cook Inlet, south-central Alaska - Palynology Database
Cook Inlet Palynology Control Database: Twelve Tertiary and seven Mesozoic intervals are interpreted for 84 wells with palynological data in the Greater Cook Inlet Region.

South Texas
Palcon Database: Comprehensive paleontological control in the Frio-Vicksburg Trend for the southern onshore Texas Gulf Coast with 2,640 control wells in 22 contiguous counties.

South Louisiana
Southern Louisiana Paleo Database: Approximately 4,785 wells with paleo data from 31 south Louisiana parishes. Approximately 33,500 sample records (age or paleo markers).

Offshore GOM Paleo Database
Released GOM Paleo Data: Over 15,800 paleontology well report summaries from wells drilled in Gulf of Mexico waters. Over 85,179 paleontology sample records. Value-added product.

DSDP paleontology data
DSDP Paleo Database: Publicly available data that has been re-organized and converted into a usable file format. 2,093 data sets for 21 different fossil types from deep-sea sites all over the world. Value-added product.

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