biostratigraphic program design and management • interpretation and integration

ABOUT BIOSTRATIGRAPHY.COM, LLC, LLC can bring the best of major oil company experience and worldwide expertise to your exploration and development biostratigraphy., LLC is a Dallas-based consulting company, formed after the BPAmoco-Arco merger, that provides big company biostratigraphy services to any size company. Through an extensive worldwide network of affiliated experts, we can select the best expert, or team of experts, to meet your needs. Affiliates include paleontological experts from around the world: Houston, Dallas, Alaska, Florida, Canada, Trinidad, Venezuela, UK, France, Indonesia and more.

Custom software and databases, developed over the last 25 years, allow 3 to 5 times higher age resolution than normal for data collected to our specifications. One database has over one million age citations for fossil occurrences.

Re-studying existing biostratigraphic data sets with these tools often yields 2 to 3 times higher age resolution.

Depositional systems (paleoenvironments) are interpreted within age constrained intervals. For Tertiary age sediments, depositional systems are defined using transfer functions from modern analogs; for the pre-Tertiary, multivariate analyses (PCA, factor and cluster analyses) are used to extract environmental groupings that define depositional systems.

We have successfully applied these methods to exploration around the world, especially in West Africa. We have integrated and interpreted stratigraphic data extensively in: Alaska, Algeria, Angola, Morocco, East Africa (Kenya and Mozambique), West Africa (Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea), Bolivia, Colombia, China (Songliao Basin, South China Sea), CIS (Sakhalin Island), Ecuador, Suriname and Guyana, Indonesia (Irian Jaya), Kazakhstan, Korea, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines (Sulu Sea), Oman, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey (Black Sea), Venezuela, and Vietnam.

Recent or current projects (individual line items may represent multiple projects; multidiscipline typically means palynology, kerogen, foraminifera & nannofossils)

Domestic US:

• Tertiary palynology and kerogen of exploration well in Nenana Basin, central AK
• Paleocene palynomorphs in two commonly used mud additives
• Paleocene-Eocene palynology of one well in eastern North Slope, Alaska
• Early Cretaceous-Early Pliocene Palynology, wells & outcrops, Cook Inlet, AK
• Palynology of 5 cores from the eastern Chukchi Sea, offshore Alaska
• Late Tertiary Palynology, Central Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Late Jurassic-Early Pliocene Palynology, 3 wells & outcrops, central Cook Inlet, AK
• Middle Jurassic Palynology of the Chinitna Fm, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Early Jurassic Palynology, Talkeetna Fm, Chinitna Bay, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Maastrichtian-Paleocene Palynology, near Chinitna Bay, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Late Tertiary Palynology of two wells, Susitna Basin, Alaska
• Eocene to Miocene Palynology of Outcrops, west side of Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Paleocene-Eocene Palynology of outcrops from Yukon River, eastern Alaska
• Tertiary Palynology of exploration well in Deep Nenana Basin, central Alaska
• Tertiary Palynology of exploration well from Nenana Basin Flank, central Alaska
• Palynology, kerogen, RockEval & vitrinte reflectance of Yukon Flats outcrops, AK
• Eocene-Miocene Palynology, West Delta Coal Field, near Healy, Alaska
• Late Cretaceous Palynology, Colville River, Alaska
• Tertiary Nonmarine Palynology, Kenai Peninsula, Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Tertiary Palynology of Outcrops, Greater Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Tertiary Palynology Data Study, 84 Wells, Cook Inlet, Alaska
• Late Cretaceous Palynology, Denali and Aniakchak National Parks, Alaska
• Cretaceous Palynology, NPRA North Slope, Alaska
• Tertiary Palynology, South-Central, Holitna Alaska
• Late Miocene-Pliocene Palynology, Kenai Penisula Outcrops
• Cretaceous Palynology, Yukon-Charley Rivers National Park, AK
• Early Paleozoic Conodonts, Yukon-Charley Rivers National Park, AK
• Cretaceous, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK

Pliocene-Miocene multi-well biostratigraphy, LBOF, Los Angeles Basin, CA
Middle Pleistocene palynology, forams & nannofossils, Los Angeles, CA
Middle Eocene foram study, Kettleman Middle Dome, San Joaquin Basin, CA
Expert Witness, Biostratigraphy, Kettleman Middle Dome, San Joaquin Basin, CA

• Late Cretaceous palynology of outcrops from northwestern Colorado
• Atokan-Desmoinesian muti-well palynology data study, southeastern Colorado
• Late Atokan-Early Desmoinesian conodonts and palynology, SE Colorado

Florida (Modern)
• Identification of "Chinese Drywall" used in South Florida homes
• Sulfur isotopes and XRD of "Chinese Drywall" from south Florida homes
• Age dating gypsum in drywall using sulfur isotopes
• XRD of dense fraction concentrates of "Chinese Drywall" from south Florida homes

Gulf of Mexico (GOM)
• 14C AMS & foram dating of slump deposits, Green Canyon, GOM
• Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox palynology & kerogen, Walker Ridge, Deep water GOM
• Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox multi-disciplinary biostratigraphy, Walker Ridge, GOM
• Jurassic-Pliocene multi-well restudy of biostratigraphic data, DC & MC, eastern GOM
• Jurassic Norphlet palynology and kerogen study in multiple wells, DC & MC, GOM
• Cretaceous multiwell restudy of biostratigraphic data, eastern GOM
• Neogene Palynology, Green Canyon, Deep water GOM
• Miocene - Early Cretaceous Palynology & Kerogen, Viosca Knoll, Deep water GOM
• Early K - Late Jurassic Palynology & Kerogen, Desoto Canyon, Deep water GOM
• Late K - Late Jurassic Palynology & Kerogen, Lloyd Ridge, Deep water GOM
• Tertiary Evaluation of used mud systems for paleontological contamination, GOM
• Eocene-Oligocene palynology, micropaleontology, nannofossils: High Island GOM
• Early Tertiary Palynology & Kerogen, Perdido Fold Belt, Deep water GOM
• Early Tertiary multi-well Palynology & kerogen, Alaminos Canyon, Deep water GOM
• Early Tertiary multi-well correlation study, Alaminos Canyon, Deep water GOM

Middle Ordovician, Palynology of the Winneshiek Shale core and outcrop, Iowa

Late Cretaceous, Palynology of Dinosaur Sites, Smoky Hills Chalk, Niobrara Fm, KS

Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox palynology & kerogen, South Louisiana Gulf Coast

Mid-continent, Arkansas

• Mississippian Palynology & Kerogen, Imo-Fayetteville-Moorefield Shales, Arkansas
• Vitrinite Reflectance & Rock Eval-TOC, Imo-Fayetteville-Moorefield Shales, AR
• Vitrinite Reflectance & Kerogen, Fayetteville Shale, Arkansas

Mid-continent, Mississippi
• Penn-Miss Palynology & Kerogen, Black Warrior Basin, Mississippi

Mid-continent, Oklahoma
• Pennsylvanian Palynology & Conodonts, western Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma
• Expert Witness, Biostratigraphy, Pennsylvanian, western Anadarko Basin, OK
• Desmoisnesian/Missourian boundary biostratigraphy, western Anadarko Basin, OK
• Miss/Penn Palynology & Kerogen, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
• Pennsylvanian Palynology & Kerogen, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
• Mississippian Palynology & Kerogen, Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma
• Latest Chesterian-Early Morrowan Palynology & Kerogen, Arkoma Basin, OK

Nevada - Utah Gold Exploration
• Early Permian conodont, radiolaria, coral & bryozoan biostratigraphy, Elko Co., NV
• Early-Middle Ordovician conodont biostratigraphy, Long Canyon Trend, NE Nevada
• Late Paleozoic Macrofossils: brachiopods, ammonoids, hyolithids, Elko Co. Nevada
• Devonian conodont and radiolaria biostratigraphy, Eureka Co. Nevada
• Devonian conodont and radiolaria biostratigraphy, Lander Co. Nevada
• Cambro-Ordovician biostratigraphy, northern Nevada and adjacent eastern Utah
• Early Paleozoic Conodont, Radiolaria and Palynology, Nevada Gold Mining Districts
• Late Paleozoic Conodont, Radiolaria and Palynology, Nevada Gold Mining Districts
• Cambrian Trilobite biostratigraphy, Nevada Gold Mining Districts
• Ordovician-Silurian Graptolite biostratigraphy, Nevada Gold Mining Districts
• Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian-Atokan) Palynology & Conodonts, Elko, Co., Nevada
• Paleozoic age dating of outcrops with various macrofossils, NV Gold Mining Districts

Nevada - Oil Exploration
* Early Tertiary Palynology, Elko Co., NE Nevada
* Mississippian Palynology, White Pine Co., Eastern Nevada

New Mexico
• Archaeological palynology & diatoms of a possible hearth site, Hackberry Lake, NM

• Palynology of Legacy Sediments (1710 AD to Present) in Lancaster County, PA

Texas, Gulf Coast
• Paleocene-Eocene Wilcox palynology & kerogen, South Texas Gulf Coast
• Oligocene Hackberry Palynology, Orange County, Texas
• Early Tertiary Foram & Nannofossil biostratigraphy, South Texas, Rowena Deep

Texas, East Texas
• Jurassic, Triassic & Late Paleozoic Palynology & Kerogen, NE Texas & NW LA
• Late Jurassic Palynology & Kerogen, Bossier Shale, Leon-Freestone Co., Texas
• Late Jurassic Palynology & Kerogen, Bossier/Cotton Valley, Robertson Co., Texas
• Late Jurassic Palynology & Kerogen, Cotton Valley, Harrison Co., Texas

Texas, Mid-continent
• Cenomanian palynology of a Lower Woodbine outcrop, north central Texas
• Late Triassic Eagle Mills Fm Palynology, kerogen & rock-eval/TOC, Falls Co., TX
• Mississippian/Late Ordovician Barnette Shale Palynology & Kerogen, Ellis Co., TX
• Late Mississippian Palynology & Kerogen, Brewster Co., West Texas
• Pennsylvanian-Permian Paleo (Fusulinid) Database, Midland Basin, Texas
• Late Cretaceous - Silurian palynology & kerogen, Sterling Co, Texas
• Triassic-Pennsylvanian palynology & kerogen, Fisher Co, Texas
• Triassic-Pennsylvanian palynology & kerogen, Nolan Co, Texas
• Desmoisnesian/Missourian fusulinid & palynology biostratigraphy, Potter Co., TX

Texas, South
• Eagle Ford Palynology, Dimmit County, South Texas
• Early Cretaceous ammonite biostratigraphy & paleoenvironments, Zavala Co., TX
• Aptian ammonite biostratigraphy, Frio County, TX
• Aptian palynology and biostratigraphy, Kerr County, south Texas

Texas (Modern)
• Identification of the source of sediment contamination using microfossils, Houston

• Palynology of Tertiary lacustrine laminated carbonates, central Utah
• Palynology, forams & nannofossils of the Campanian Mancos Shale, central Utah

• Palynology & paleoclimate of Late Pleistocene Whidbey Fm, Protection Island, WA

• Palynology of Fort Union and Wasatch Coals, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming
• Palynology of Late Cretaceous - Paleocene, Great Divide Basin Basin, Wyoming


Africa, Cameroon

• Tertiary multidisciplinary biostratigraphy of exploration wells, offshore Cameroon
• Tertiary multidiscipline biostratigraphy, Ph77, Offshore Cameroon, West Africa
• Tertiary restudy & estimate of paleo water depths, Offshore Cameroon, West Africa
• Tertiary-Late K multidisciplinary multi-well biostratigraphy study, offshore Cameroon

Africa, Equatorial Guinea
• Tertiary multidiscipline biostratigraphy, 6 wells, Block O, Offshore E.G., W. Africa
• Tertiary multidiscipline biostratigraphy, 7 wells, Block I, Offshore E.G., W. Africa

Africa, Ghana
• Paleogene-E. K multidiscipline biostrat, Accra-Keta Basin Offshore Ghana, W. Africa

Africa, Kenya
• Paleogene-Cretaceous multidisciplinary biostratigraphy, offshore Kenya, East Africa

Africa, Morocco
• Jurassic multidiscipline biostratigraphy of outcrops from the Guercif, N. Morocco
• Cretaceous multidiscipline biostratigraphy of wildcat well, Guercif, N. Morocco

• Ordovician-Permian conodont biostratigraphy, Orion Gold Project, Yukon, Canada
• Early Cretaceous Palynology, eastern Western Interior Seaway, Manitoba
• Late K / Pleistocene Palynology, eastern Western Interior Seaway, Manitoba

• Mid-Cretaceous Palynology of red bed paleosols, Eastern Tibet, China
• Tertiary Palynology, Tibet and Yunnan, China
• Tertiary multidisciplinary biostrat, Lufeng, Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea

Faroe Islands
• Late Tertiary multi-gravity core multidisciplinary biostratigraphy, offshore Faroe Is.

• Late Tertiary multi-well biostratigraphic framework, Ulleung Basin, offshore Korea

New Zealand
• Pleistocene multi-core biostratigraphy & isotopes Pegasus Basin, eastern offshore

Mexico (Mexican Gulf of Mexico)
• Gigante: 14C AMS for sedimentation rates in 100 JP Cores in the Mexican GOM
• Palynology, forams & stable isotope distribution in 100 JP Core tops, MGOM
• Holocene-Late Pleistocene multi-core palynology, forams and isotope study, MGOM

Russia, Sakhalin

• Tertiary Palynology, Sakhalin Island Outcrops, Russia, CIS
• Tertiary Biostratigraphic Calibration, CASP, Sakhalin Island, Russia, CIS
• Tertiary Palynology, Sakhalin Island Well Data Study, Russia, CIS

South America, Bolivia

• Sub-Recent paleoenvironment reconstruction, Bolivian Lacustrine Stromatolites
- for NASA Mars Paleolake Analogs

South America, Brazil
• Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Micropaleontology, Offshore Brazil Cumuruxatiba Basin

South America, Colombia
• Late Cretaceous–Tertiary, palynology, foraminifera & nannofossils, Llanos Basin
• Oligocene radiolaria, Tayrona Block, offshore La Guajira, Colombia

South America, Ecuador

• Miocene Multidiscipline biostratigraphy, Amistad Gas Field, Guayaquil, Ecuador

South America, Guyana
• Late Cretaceous - Late Tertiary multidisciplinary biostratigraphy, offshore Guyana

South America, Guyana-Suriname
• Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Biostratigraphic Framework, Offshore Guyana-Suriname

South America, Peru

• Multi-disciplinary biostratigraphic study, Iquitos Arch well, Marañon Basin, Peru
• Devonian Palynology, kerogen & vitrinite reflectance, Ucayali Basin, Peru
• Late Cretaceous - Tertiary multi-well biostratigraphic study, Marañon Basin, Peru
• Devonian - Tertiary multi-well Palynology & Kerogen, Madre de Dios, southern Peru

South America, Suriname
• Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Biostratigraphic Framework, Offshore Suriname
• Late Cretaceous - Tertiary Palynology, Guyana Basin, Block 31, offshore Suriname
• Cretaceous-Tertiary Palynology, Guyana Basin, offshore Suriname

South America, Trinidad
• Neogene evaluation of multi-well biostratigraphy, Deep water eastern Trinidad
• Pliocene multidisciplinary biostratigraphy, LRL, Columbus Basin, eastern Trinidad
• Tertiary multidisciplinary biostratigraphic data study, Angostura, eastern Trinidad

South America, Venezuela
• Cretaceous/Tertiary Multi-well biostratigraphic study, Eastern Venezuela

Turkish Black Sea
• Neogene climate, salinity and paleoenvironment reconstruction, Western Black Sea

Some of the biggest differences between, LLC and the large integrated consulting companies:

Our analysts are selected from the best available experts (worldwide), rather than a limited in-house staff.

There is less overhead and infrastructure to support, so more funds are directed to our analysts for higher quality data collection.

Our analysts are sub-contractors whose results are monitored and quality controlled by, LLC.

All analyses are performed independently. There is no communication between analysts until after the data collection phase is complete.

Multidiscipline studies benefit from multiple expert opinions. Each analyst offers their independent interpretation.

Interactive, iterative analysis of fossil occurrence data and age significance results in "cleaner" in-situ data and identification of valuable reworking events.

All fossils with age citations are used to define an age / depth profile, rather than only "index" fossils. Resulting age/depth charts define age intervals, rates of deposition, and placement and duration of unconformities.

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